There are a few things so overlooked as the bag you use to carry your luggage or medical gear.

Back in 1987, Paramedic Perry Prete started a medical company selling equipment to pre-hospital services across North America.

At that time, the service he worked for used a hard-shelled case for oxygen and trauma gear. It was heavy, cumbersome, and very poorly designed.

Not long after, he began working on designs and manufacturing his own bags. He incorporated a simple philosophy of “Form Follows Function,” make the bag work well, then build the exterior around that. His designs have become industry standard and are used in almost every Province and State in North America.

A few years ago, a friend of Perry’s was going on a short weekend trip and was carrying a bag made by a soft luggage maker. Perry asked if he could examine it and was amazed at the poor quality some were passing off as high-end. He took one of his medical bags, converted it into soft-sided carry-on luggage, and showed his friend, who was amazed at the difference between the two versions.

Having a love for travel, Perry knew that soft-sided luggage, while being lightweight, still needed to be rugged and survive life on the road. His medical bags are used and abused daily by Paramedics, Fire, and the Military, so he knew his luggage would last equally as long.

Now, with over 40 years of road experience as a Paramedic, the knowledge he’s gained in the field has translated into the bags he designs today, both in the medical line and luggage. All Angus soft-sided luggage has a heritage of life-saving experiences behind them. Aren’t you glad to know that the bag you take on vacation was born to help save a life?

Anyone can make a bag; only one company makes an Angus bag, the best bags in the world.